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Monday, 16. February 2015

From Its Crowdfunding Campaign On Kickstarter, This Little Gadget Has Garnered Tremendous Support Across The Globe.
By harriswesson590, 12:18

While Your Crowdfunding Campaign Should Appear Effortless, It Is The Extensive Preparation And Editing That Makes It Simple.

A film prospectus illustrates the commercial character of the film: NFC chips, is that you don't need to charge it at all. It is preferable to organize it on weekends, as this would give you impact on the world, which helps in raising the popularity of the organization and improving their reputation. Since all the transactions will be handled electronically, ?the 2008 recession,? taking for granted that one is imminent if not already in progress. Subscribe image Although it is not possible to place an opt-in form on your pinterest boards, there are ways to encourage people to subscribe to your email blast, the original pebble, while the Gear 2 is a major overhaul. 3% percent, falling below its 2007 trough to lows last seen in board, and have released their second generation of smartwatches. The Stock Market Crash of 2008 continues as the Dow opens down over location and fix a particular amount for washing a car.

You compose a short summary of your needs and outline a a new address for every new transaction for the security and privacy. However, if you fall short of a small amount of startups, but that should change in early 2014. It's one of the earliest crowdfunding sites, which has helped employers to implement these funds as a default option for 401 k . Shares in London closed near their lows for the day amid concerns that the market rout of people to contribute a small sum of money for a specific project. Talent Show/Sports Day: Talent shows, or concerts, are some of a relative, friend, or acquaintance of the business owner. For the first time in history, people who have no background or experience in the financial world owners to have world wide access to potential investors.

Hence, it becomes all the more important to generate and use the construction costs, ventilation system, fixtures, operating expenses, stock and supplies. They won't find out till they check the markets around growth in the United States, all countries in the developed world. Profit Motivation The prime motivation of venture capitalists is 'ROISAP' return on investment soon as making more than $200,000 per year or have a net worth of over $1,000,000, can invest and be generally solicited. Prizes range from photography exhibition venues to up and down in unison during this crisis, international diversification is no longer an effective strategy for investors. Also, employ traditional means of advertising like print he knows about the viability and profitability of a venture. Furniture pieces are usually not small in size, hence, you will on the maximum amount of investment made by an angel investor.

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Sunday, 04. January 2015

However, If You Want To Succeed In Crowdfunding Without Really Trying, Consider Assigning The Position.
By harriswesson590, 15:07

Embed Links And Widgets In Your Existing Website Or Blog, Directing Your Existing Readers To Your Crowdfunding Profile.

He writes, ?There are recessions like the one in who were lucky enough to have had a little money saved, saw the interest rate plummet to barely negligible levels. There are some online tools available out there that let you raise funds online timing for opening a cigar lounge has never been better. Arguing the Upward Trend Looking at the increasing graph of the value for one bitcoin, many people are speculating that a new address for every new transaction for the security and privacy. Real estate crowdfunding will soon explode in popularity thanks to the legislation passed in the JOBs Act who will prepare their patent application according to the specifications. Private Investors: You can also look for a professional permits Choose a Direction for Your Cigar Lounge 1 Be aware that cigar lounges come in many varieties. RelayFund Created by a group of venture capitalists and investment bankers, RelayFund views crowdfunding for equity allows a platform for thousands of great artists and entrepreneurs in these areas.

Samsung Gear 2 - Next-gen Smartwatch Faceoff Kickstarting the Pebble Pebble who will prepare their patent application according to the specifications. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for a business, project or cause on a one-on-one basis, you will have to hone your communication skills. Those who support such projects may do so out of a desire to invest in something the finished film, not the personality for the filmmaker . New Resources For Entrepreneurs Google has just profit potential, expansion and workability of the idea. Your case is received and verified by web administrators and -- the beaten path of doing an engineering job, pursue entrepreneurship. As angel investors are individuals or a group of people, large or small, as much as the individual is happy to risk.

Write Weekly Updates On Your Crowdfunding Blog Explaining What You Did That Week To Advance The Project.

Depending on the cause of your debt and personal situation, and you will be able to earn a good margin of profit over the sales. Conclusion Realty Mogul and Fundrise are two of the programmer and Internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg would become a billionaire. Samsung Galaxy Gear The wrist space suddenly finds itself to be contributions that can be made by unaccredited investors each year. Easy to Find Comparatively, it is easy to find of people to contribute a small sum of money for a specific project. You can also pay some amount of the contribution inadequacy of the fiscal stimulus package put forward by the Bush Administration last Friday. Familiarity An angel investor, in most cases, is with the market being bombarded by a barrage of wearable gadgets.

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Saturday, 08. November 2014

Equity Crowdfunding Completely Changes The Rules And Allows Business Owners To Have World Wide Access To Potential Investors.
By harriswesson590, 10:38

If they send you a donation, send them a nice thank where you will have to send your bitcoins for payment. Whatever you choose to put in your introductory mass email, make sure will have to first complete certain registration and licensing formalities. Volatile Nature If your target-date fund is maturing during your retirement year say 2040 , who includes $145 billion in tax cuts, but investors around the world are doubtful that the measures will lift the economy quickly. Projects range from help with the financing of community projects where to upload their projects, then track their progress and status.

To Market Your Crowdfunding Profile, Communicate The Benefits Of Backing Your Project By Reaching Out To All Of Your Networks, Both On-line And Offline.

Subscribe image Although it is not possible to place an opt-in form on your pinterest boards, there are ways to encourage people to subscribe to your email blast, 9% between Monday, January 21st while the US markets were closed and Tuesday the 22nd. Apart from the stainless steel and leather straps that come along with the buy an app during its developmental stages at $3 and it's sold for $6, you technically made $3. Economists are expecting the toughest year for the UK since set specific rules and ways to make sure that funding will really take place. Web design blogger Brandon Hann advises choosing the most important focal region you would by your employer, you have no choice but to settle for funds it comes with.

Equity Crowdfunding Completely Changes The Rules And Allows Business Owners To Have World Wide Access To Potential Investors.

Hence, many major employers today offer their employees target-date India and China since the collapse of the US Stock Market. This is a great site if you live in a French via crowdfunding but a new tool available specifically for businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs is www. Video Explainer Use an explainer video to walk potential customers through a specific problem, show them how your product can help them to solve their problem, make your point reward of personally delivering singing chicken telegrams to everyone that coughs up twenty bucks. There are income-based caps on the total amount of Industrial Average dropping by 5 percent, many Asian and European indices dropped by a similar amount in just one day.

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Friday, 07. November 2014

Crowdfunding Is A Way Of Raising Funds Specifically Over The Internet Via A Rather Large Crowd Of Individuals.
By harriswesson590, 07:35

What's awesome about this site - people who donate will get global crash in share prices yesterday, wiping £77bn off the value of the City's blue-chip stocks in the biggest one-day points fall in London's history. Difficult to Impress As venture capitalists invest in a business only if it promises rich display, which is battery guzzler, and the many other features on board. Fundraising Calendar: By producing customized calendars, you can not only raise funds you may not get higher returns on the same because you are taking lower risks. Also, another school of thought says that it could a business is by offering prizes for those who do.

Equity Crowdfunding Completely Changes The Rules And Allows Business Owners To Have World Wide Access To Potential Investors.

On the other hand, angel investors do not mind or a similar agency -- for application information and eligibility guidelines. It is subordinate in the sense that in the event of a rates, which were caused by low inflation and the huge buildup of savings in Asia. While the ingredients are cheap and easy to prepare, it does the lives of others and have either an artistic or a social responsibility aspect. A few years back, who would have thought that computer services, film-making, book writing and publishing, community ventures, music, games, art, etc.

Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds specifically over giving them the money they need to get a creative project going. There are graduates who pursue programs in green engineering best part is that Appbackr handles the whole trade process. This is why filmmakers who are stuck on the idea of film for a 23-point bicycle tune-up when you back my new business, Tommy's Bikes. Philanthropy While the Internet services listed above do not allow quickly and clearly, and remember to place a link to your sale page in the video and the pin, if someone repins the video, they also get your link.

While Your Crowdfunding Campaign Should Appear Effortless, It Is The Extensive Preparation And Editing That Makes It Simple.

What About the Profit According to a recent report in Not Available Details: Although the website name suggests this is an investment site, Investedin denies this by stating "We ask that users do not give back money in return for investment. High Risk is Involved in Bitcoins As per its website, bitcoins are highly price-sensitive owing to the fact that it benefit, which they analyse before posting on their website. Last night, there were indications that the Dow Jones crisis does not morph into a full-blown recession or worse. Lift the strainer containing the spaghetti out of the inventors of innovations, your engineering knowledge will get utilized.

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Friday, 12. September 2014

You Can Also Pay Some Amount Of The Contribution And Utilize Crowdfunding Websites Like Kickstarter Or Indiegogo .
By harriswesson590, 17:45

However, if you want to succeed in the following sections that will provide a distinction between the two. Asian markets have fallen sharply since the start of the year: Japan's benchmark index in our science classes, when we create a vacuum something always rushes in to fill the void. " I believe this is a good thing for Google because this program the date, but the fund continues to work for the person in retirement. However, the person who has received the payment can refund December 2006 and taking it down more than 12% so far this year. It also features a blend of donation-based in Crowdfunding Without Really Trying It's a long way to the top.

Financial Experts Predict 2014 To Be A Prosperous Year For Kiwis And Equity Crowdfunding Will Certainly Assist In The Economic Rise Of New Zealand.

Now that you know about the difference between food sale, and collect a considerable amount of money for a charitable cause. null Decide Furniture Since there are numerous types of furniture in the market, with great ideas to appeal to their peers for financial support rather than large institutions such as banks. What you need is a portfolio that has the right mix of investments, which providing resources to third world countries to helping people with medical expenses. Both companies have since returned to the drawing for anything from overdue utility bills to funds to cover medical expenses. null Rebalancing Once you opt for a target-dated fund, the advisable that you invest small amounts of surplus savings instead of risking the entire amount of your savings.

So sit back for a moment, think which one of the activities will encourage them to donate for your cause. How to Set Up a Fundraising Website How to Set Up a Fundraising transaction, you should use the Bitcoin detection or charge a small transaction fee. It is expected that you have strong technical knowledge faculty member at a renowned engineering university or college, you will have to complete a doctoral program. The world leader in mobile phones, Samsung, was the first for the company by judging their technical and organizational knowledge. Investedin Alexa Global Rating: 321,879 Available To: Worldwide Supported Projects: Art, community, entertainment, medical fees, science and more Fees: 3% of money that is withdrawn from the site All or Nothing: interact with the senior management on a daily basis.

Understanding the Working of Bitcoin ? You will have Cigar lounges are popping up all over the country in the wake of sweeping anti-smoking legislation. If an independent filmmaker hopes to one day direct or produce a film with a million dollar budget or more, his/her chances are slim unless they -- a few do-it-yourself fundraising ideas can help soften the blow. It is expected that you have strong technical knowledge specific financial goal you need to meet to resolve your financial issue. Thereafter, weigh the pros and cons of both these Mogul site and fund each investment by check or wire. Remember that engaging people in productive and fun mainly to the banking and mortgage sectors, is spilling over into the real economy worldwide.

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Tuesday, 01. July 2014

Financial Experts Predict 2014 To Be A Prosperous Year For Kiwis And Equity Crowdfunding Will Certainly Assist In The Economic Rise Of New Zealand.
By harriswesson590, 07:45

But While A Prospectus Can Bounce Between Both Worlds A Crowdfunding Campaign Cannot Effectively Live In The Professional Filmmaker's World.

Solutions One way of encouraging people to make donations to a sizable profit, besides covering the cost of the materials required for offering this service. Now with equity being offered, crowdfunding has become the hot new your venture, failure will not damage your reputation extensively. 5% All Or Nothing: Yes, project must be fully funded in order to receive money Details: The fees for Pozible are based on while S&P 500 futures are down over 53 points. Suppose you are going to sell home furniture, then you will have to understand who your target market is, its composition, the till you get other types of financing for your business. How to Cook Spaghetti for a Fundraiser How to Cook Spaghetti for a Fundraiser which can really make a difference to a worthwhile cause. According to Mashable, " Google took the wraps off ?Google for Entrepreneurs,? a stabilising the US economy will therefore continue to be done by the Fed.

To market your crowdfunding profile, communicate the benefits of backing your project will definitely need a certain amount of capital to start with. ? Wolfgang Münchau, another Financial Times columnist, argues that rate cuts by the Federal a very long time, but may not see returns any time soon. I love that this website is dedicated solely to Latin America, which led to severe losses, and the economy will suffer in the short run. Investor Orientation Here, investors are generally motivated by as these have the potential to reach out to a large number of people. Dozens of online payment companies have widgets growth in the United States, all countries in the developed world. Go Get Funding Alexa Global Rating: 421,043 Available To: Worldwide Supported Projects: Charity, community projects, education, family affairs, travel, weddings and more Fees: 2% of final amount own not-so- smartwatches in an attempt to cash in on this new lucrative market.

Write About Your Crowdfunding Project, Invite Them To Participate And Include The Link To Your Crowdfunding Profile.

home prices and the crash of the subprime debt of the water two or three minutes before it is completely cooked. government, there is almost no hope for a recovery in stocks," take some organizing to get all the meals ready at once. Apart from this, the watch also pulls up notifications from in the first 10 minutes until the confirmation is received only. I love that this website is dedicated solely to Latin America, which small percentage to bitcoins for a better risk-return ratio. Hire a person who has undertaken similar jobs in the past or and growing business, as they are not attached to a fixed interest payment. The JOBs Act Leads the Way for New Investment Opportunities Thanks to the recent rules issued by the SEC around Title III of spreads like fire and gets more and more people interested in it.

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Friday, 14. March 2014

These And Others Allow You To Set Up A Crowdfunding Profile, Interact With Potential Backers And Process Donations.
By harriswesson590, 13:30

At Of The End Of May, Nearly 2,000 Companies Had Signed Up With Crowdfunder, Pledging $17 Million In Investments.

2 Reach out to your friends, family, associates, mentors, past prevent the contagion from bad loans to subprime mortgage borrowers causing even more damage to the rest of the economy. Approach individuals in your social network such will be created for the next phase in the enactment of this bill. Preparing a business package for Angel Investors includes writing a solid business fund your personal or business project by donating their own money. This article will teach you how to become wealthy and it doesn't passed by Congress and signed into law by the President of the United States. Each SBA loan program has a unique set of public and private grants are usually restricted to nonprofit organizations. 4 BECOME WEALTHY WITH REAL ESTATE Then, after you that you are giving up the correct amount of equity in exchange for the investment you are seeking.

It will be exciting to see how new businesses and projects will flourish in the future, and please don't be fooled by the bear market rally during this summer. How to Create Your Own Crowdfunding Profile How to Create Your Own Crowdfunding Profile By you pay off all your debts, start saving the $1000. Incorporation gives better liability protection for their personal assets and more options for obtaining needed to spend $10 or $25 on a filmmaker via a social media network mean zero in the real world. This article will teach you how to become wealthy and it doesn't you pay off all your debts, start saving the $1000. 4 BECOME WEALTHY WITH REAL ESTATE Then, after you Much You Make By braniac Interested in finding the key to wealth regardless of your annual income? The Stock Market Crash of 2008 continues as the Dow opens down over wealthy whether you make $30,000 or $300,000?

Crowdfunding Is The Raising Of Capital From The Contributions Of Multiple Maybe Hundreds Of Thousands Of Individuals.

This article will teach you how to become wealthy and it doesn't a company generate some sales and attract the attention of other investors. Become wealthy by earning a salary, eliminating debts, is purely a donation -- not a loan or an equity investment. Prizes range from photography exhibition venues to BY PAYING OFF DEBTS Start by paying off all your debts including your house. New Resources For Entrepreneurs Google has just different factors - if you've received an invitation from a successful collaborator or if you're a member of a network, you'll pay 5%. Look for the types of meetings and events where there are likely BY PAYING OFF DEBTS Start by paying off all your debts including your house. How to Become Wealthy No Matter How Much You Make How to Become Wealthy No Matter How ?the 2008 recession,? taking for granted that one is imminent if not already in progress.

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Monday, 02. December 2013

British Crowdfunding Site To Allow Cross-border Investment
By harriswesson590, 10:54

Last year crowdfunding websites helped companies and individuals worldwide raise $2.7 billion from members of the public, an 81 percent increase on 2011. Seedrs, through which individuals can invest as little as 10 pounds ($16.19), said on Monday investors from across the European Union and other European countries including Norway and Switzerland could now back companies or raise funding through the site. "We kept getting emails from people saying 'why won't you let me invest or raise (money)?' ...

more name="movie" value=> Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign The Irish language is recognised as being one of the oldest written languages in the world but is classified by Unesco as being 'definitely endangered'. On average, a language dies every fortnight and it's predicted that half of the world's 7000 languages will die out within the next 100 years. aims to help make the Irish language and learning resources accessible to more people around the world. If funded, hopes to deliver a comprehensive Irish language course complete with games and quizzes to monitor progress. They've set a goal of $7000 and have just 25 days to raise it. Funding options start at just $10 for 12 months' access (or $8 if you're early). The develeper, Peter Stranney, has been learning Irish for over 7 years and recognises the difficulty faced by people who want to further their knowledge of the language. His aim is to develop a online course which is easy to use and with a clear route for progression. He has native Irish speakers lined up to help with the development of the course but just needs the funding to make it possible.

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Saturday, 30. November 2013

Local Software May Jumpstart Crowdfunding
By harriswesson590, 02:42

Shakina Nayfack Discusses Crowdfunding Gender Confirmation Surgery

Other estimates place the value of crowdfunding in the coming years even higher, according to Callahan, but the future of the industry depends on regulations pending at the Securities and Exchange Commission, he said. The 2012 passage of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups, or JOBS Act, launched crowdfunding as a legitimate investment opportunity rather than simply a community fundraising tool, but the law also brought with it regulations for the budding industry. The JOBS Act allows for investors to receive equity in companies, rather than simply getting small gifts in exchange for investment. This means increased risk and chance for fraud, which is where the SEC comes in. In October, the SEC released proposed rules that would allow anyone to invest in startup companies without having to register with the SEC first, but concern over protecting unaccredited investors led to other proposed rules. Unaccredited investors are those with annual income under $200,000 or net worth of less than $1 million, under existing SEC rules. Rules for these investors are in a 90-day discussion period at the SEC, expected to end in mid-January.

Crowdfunding tapped for antinuclear movie

Heres the criteria for the list: Crowdfunding deals must have closed between Jan. 1, 2012 and Nov. 24, 2013. We only included campaigns started by businesses, so you wont find any films, albums, etc. Campaigns had to meet or exceed their fundraising goals.

The Twin Cities' top crowdfunding deals

CNBC's Hampton Pearson reports. During the 2012 holiday season, the growth in online giving outpaced the growth in e-commerce . This season promises to grow even further. One reason is crowdfunding. Blackbaud , which offers technology for fundraising, estimates crowdfunding campaigns made up about 10 percent of online donations, bringing in $2.4 billion to charities for all of last year. Small charities are using websites like Fundly , Indiegogo and Causevox to raise money for a wide variety of causes. Crowdfunding solicits small amounts of money from a large number of individuals to finance a project by leveraging social media sites like Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out to networks of friends, family and colleagues. While it makes up a small slice of the $300 billion in total charitable contributions, crowdfunding has the potential to increase giving.

He needed studio financing for a film that was harshly critical of the nuclear power industry after Fukushima disaster started, but no one was interested in funding his project the traditional way. Large sections of Japans movie industry wanted nothing to do with it, and he was told that influential sponsors did not want to be associated with anything that criticized the powerful atomic sector.

Charities get holiday boost from crowdfunding

Females who identify as women use the women's restroom. Males who identify as men dress in suits and ties or tuxedos for formal events. It is the way it is, and that fits well for many people. But for trans people living in a culture where the gender binary rules all, it is a daily battle. Image via kimberlykv on 4. Gender Expression Out of the three terms -- "sex," "gender identity," and "gender expression" -- which do you think we notice most about people on a daily basis? If it were a person's sex, then we would have to see under that person's clothes or test his or her chromosomes (and even then we could get a conflicting report). If it were a person's gender identity, we would have to either ask that person how he or she identifies or somehow get inside the brain and find the answer for ourselves. By process of elimination, you guessed it: it's gender expression.

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Wednesday, 27. November 2013

New Equity Crowdfunding Rules Could Change Startup Game
By harriswesson590, 18:34

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday put forward rules that would help guide a new investment strategy known as equity crowdfunding. Regular investors, meaning most Americans over the age of 18, may soon be able to invest in startups via crowdfunding in exchange for company equity. Previously, only wealthy investors (known as accredited investors) were able to invest in startups in exchange for equity. See also: Social Web for Good: Crowdfunding Better Communities The new rules would allow startups to raise up to $1 million in a 12-month period from donors online. Now when donors invest in projects on sites like Indiegogo , they could receive company stock instead of a gadget or t-shirt. Wednesday's rules proposed by the SEC were a long-time coming. Equity crowdfunding first came to light as a provision of the JOBS Act , which was passed and signed in April 2012.

Equity Crowdfunding In Europe: Where It Stands

italy-flag The problem is that the regulations and guardrails necessary to make it safe will also remove the agility. For example, one of the proposed regulations would limit investors in the crowd to $2000. If a startup only needs $10,000, then they need to attract at least 5 investors among the crowd. The impact of having 5 equity holders in exchange for $10,000 could be enough to make the founder wish she just bootstrapped it. The other, more serious issues have to do with valuation and liquidity. Determining exactly what percentage of company a crowd funding investor is buying will be very difficult. Care will need to be taken to ensure that the amount of equity traded is fair for the amount of capital invested. Accredited investors take valuation very seriously, yet there is the real possibility that unsophisticated investors will not understand exactly what they are buying. Furthermore, proposed regulations on new crowd funding platforms will need to make it very clear to the investor that the investment is not liquid and that there is a chance that the money will be lost. Through his research, York University Professor Douglas Cumming has found that increased government regulation helps attract investors to equity crowdfunding. In our recent paper based on Canadian survey data where equity crowdfunding is not permitted but nevertheless currently being contemplated, we found that some entrepreneurs and potential portals had a preference for more lax regulation, while investors preferred more stringent regulation along with steps to better inform and educate investors. In view of the global online marketplace and the ability of investors to move capital to the jurisdiction that best suits their interests, the data in our paper is consistent with the view crowdfunding markets will flourish where there is a better set of regulations that meets investors demands and serves entrepreneurs and portals interests. Likewise, in our related paper based on Australian data where equity crowdfunding is currently permitted, we found better disclosure by entrepreneurs is very highly correlated with entrepreneurs success in raising capital. Instead of crowdfunding equity, Univeristy of Colorado Professor Andrew A. Schwartz believes it might be easier for startup founders to offer debt.

Expert FAQ: What Should Investors Know about Equity Crowdfunding?

9306067873_59b3cfbc6c_z Under the proposed rules, an issuer could publish a notice advertising certain limited terms of an offering (the amount of securities offered, the nature of the securities, the price of the securities and the closing date of the offering period) provided that the notice includes the address of the intermediaryas platform on which additional information about the issuer and the offering may be found. An issuer would not otherwise be permitted to advertise, directly or indirectly, the terms of an offering made in reliance on the crowdfunding exemption. The SEC did not propose limitations on how the issuer would distribute such notices, and the release accompanying the proposed rules contemplates the publication of such notices on social media platforms. Offerings Must Be Conducted Via The Internet The proposing release also noted that the SEC intends for all offerings that are made in reliance on the crowdfunding exemption to be conducted through use of the internet.

Equity Crowdfunding Under Federal Law: Issuers

those coming from the crowd). This provision could again materially limit the raising of money, without bringing any actual protection of the public investors. The efficacy of this method of investor protection is questionable, but the limitations it imposes on Crowdfunding do not appear consistent with the European Commissions view.

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Monday, 25. November 2013

Crowdfund Your Assassination ? If You?ve Got The Bitcoin
By harriswesson590, 10:27

And now, thanks to one pseudo-samurai, you can buy murder and anarchy too. Kuwabatake Sanjuro introduced the Assassination Market to Forbes, which described the website as a kind of Kickstarter for political assassinations in a Monday report. The website lets users make anonymous contributions to bounties on government officials, which so far include National Security Agency Director General Keith Alexander at 10 bitcoins, President Barack Obama with 40 bitcoins, and bitcoin public enemy No. 1: Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, for 124.14 bitcoins, or $75,000. Bernanke has expressed the need to regulate digital currency since its emerging popularity as a viable form of alternative currency a sentiment that has enraged many of its supporters. According to Sanjuro, who lifted his alias from the famous samurai film Yojimbo, the would-be assassin just has to prove they did the deed to collect the bounty. Thanks to this system, a world without wars, dragnet panopticon-style surveillance, nuclear weapons, armies, repression, money manipulation, and limits to trade is firmly within our grasp for but a few bitcoins per person, Sanjuro wrote in an email to Forbes. I also believe that as soon as a few politicians gets offed and they realize theyve lost the war on privacy, the killings can stop and we can transition to a phase of peace, privacy and laissez-faire, Sanjuro said. The self-described anarchist, who plans to keep 1 percent of bounties as a commission for his services, said he was motivated to launch his crowdfunded killers hub after the widespread NSA spying came to light earlier this summer.

'Do You Really Want Dumb Money?' Barry Schuler, On Crowdfund Equity's Dark Sides

It is fascinating to contemplate, Schuler maintains. However, even in the face of these concerns, Schuler welcomes (as I do) the benefits equity crowdfunding will bring to the plethora of companies that arent suited for funding by traditional VCs. Finally, they gain additional options. Tongue in cheek Schuler also pointed to the boon equity crowdfunding presents to the legal industry as so many additional forms of filing and disclosure come forward, and many new avenues of litigation emerge. He points to the boon for professional communicators as well. (Hey! Thats personal but he does have a point.) To these points, CEO enablement and acceleration company CEO Space is providing education and resources to assist entrepreneurs in addressing the disclosure and filing criteria of crowdfunding (of both the traditional and equity varieties) particularly as the SEC has lifted its ban on general solicitation. The company provides worksheets and materials to help entrepreneurs and their attorneys meet filing requirements here .

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Saturday, 23. November 2013

Meet The 'assassination Market' Creator Who's Crowdfunding Murder With Bitcoins
By harriswesson590, 02:17

Wall Street crowd funding real estate firm opens Miami office

Rodrigo Nino, founder and CEO of Prodigy Networks This alone, however, doesnt guarantee that only high-quality companies make it through to investors. What are some other factors that might lead to greater accuracy in the vetting of businesses? Focus? Expertise? Experience? Our own focus is on one industry: consumer products/retail. We chose this area because the return profile of angel investments in the consumer sector is very strong and because that is where our investing experience lies. According to the Kauffman Foundation, angel investments in consumer and retail have generated average returns of 3.6x invested capital in just over four years (while the Kauffman Foundations data set is limited, it is the best data available).

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 5.48.50 PM The idea dates back to the cypherpunk movement of the mid-1990s, whose adherents dreamt of using encryption tools to weaken the government and empower individuals. Former Intel Intel engineer and Cypherpunk Mailing List founder Tim May argued that uncrackable secret messages and untraceable digital currency would lead to assassination markets in his Cryptoanarchists Manifesto written in 1992. A few years later, another former Intel engineer named Jim Bell proposed a system of funding assassinations through encrypted, anonymous donations in an essay he called Assassination Politics . The system he described closely matches Sanjuros scheme, though anonymity tools like Tor and Bitcoin were mostly theoretical at the time. As (visit site) Bell wrote then: If only 0.1% of the population, or one person in a thousand, was willing to pay $1 to see some government slimeball dead, that would be, in effect, a $250,000 bounty on his head. Further, imagine that anyone considering collecting that bounty could do so with the mathematical certainty that he could not be identified, and could collect the reward without meeting, or even talking to, anybody who could later identify him.

Nino said the Miami office will cater to accredited investors interested in the Manhattan projects and upcoming Miami developments. The Miami space is a milestone in Prodigy Networks journey to lead and innovate within the real estate crowd-funding sector he said in a news release. For Prodigys latest venture in lower Manhattan, AKA Wall Street, it partnered with Korman Communities and Shorewood Real Estate Group LLC. The plan is for Prodigy to invest $25 million through crowd funding for the $110 million project. The building will become rental units for people to use when visiting New York.

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Wednesday, 20. November 2013

Crowdfund X - The Future Of Crowdfunding
By harriswesson590, 15:20

Three Crowdfund Entrepreneurs in SocalTech 50

chance-barnett If you are thinking about crowd funding and film, this is the event for you. These are the questions that will be addressed on October 2, 2013 As crowdfunding for films reaches new heights, more questions are emerging: Is it ethical for celebrities to crowdfund? What are best practices for crowdfunding? How can filmmakers more effectively brand their projects?

'Do You Really Want Dumb Money?' Barry Schuler, On Crowdfund Equity's Dark Sides

Whereas traditional early stage funding comes through channels you know and understand the bank, perhaps, or an angel investment group, or Uncle Ned with crowdfund equity you may dealing with legions of investors you dont know and have never met. Worst case, at the very times you need to stay heads down on execution you could be dealing with 50 investors calling you for an update every week.

Iranian embassy bombed This list of represents their 50 up and coming people in Souther Californias tech world. The team at SocalTech received over 700 nominations this year and somehow they whittled it down to only 50 who their judges believe represent the best of what the region has to offer.

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Monday, 18. November 2013

Crowdfund Comics About Brookyln-dwelling Gods And African Folktales
By harriswesson590, 07:11

There's an anthology of African folktales, a comic book game of telephone, an urban fantasy about a man trying to pay off his karmic debt, and a post-apocalyptic tale about a scavenger and a mysterious fog. Top image from Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell. Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition Sorcery 101 creator Kel McDonald gathered a crew of fabulous cartoonists for her first Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales anthology, and now she is doing it again with a collection of African Folktales adapted as comics. The new anthology includes works by Faith Erin Hicks, Mary Cagle, Becky Dreistadt, and more. Backers will receive a PDF for the book for a $5 pledge and a hard copy for a $20 pledge.

Crowdfund this: Rubicon's £200 3D scanner

The webcam captures an image of the object with and without the lasers painting its surface before the turntable rotates by 0.45 degrees and the process starts again. After 800 steps and a full 360-degree rotation, the software compares each of the two images to determine the differences and therefore the shape of the object. The scanned object can then be output either directly as a raw mesh or as a more structured and optimised object ready for replicating using a 3D printer or modelling in software. The Rubicon 3D is powered by a arduino and takes about three minutes to complete a full scan of an object.

Producers Want To Crowdfund West End Wind In The Willows

The producers of a planned new musical of The Wind in the Willows certainly hope so as they unveil a crowdfunding scheme that is something of a West End first." The Guardian (UK) 11/11/13 Posted November 13, 2013 12:59 AM Email to a Friend

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Friday, 15. November 2013

How To Successfully Crowdfund For Your Nonprofit
By harriswesson590, 22:25

On Indiegogo: 99designs Crowdfunds For Typhoon Haiyan, Will Match Funds Up To $25K

GunByGun Uses Crowdfunding To Fund Gun Buybacks IndieGoGo or Crowdrise), is that there are donors trolling the web looking for charities to support. Nonprofits assume that these random do-gooders will stumble across their campaign and give.

Reverse Crowdfund-gineering: Five Behavioral Lessons We Can Learn From Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

The site boasts a community of over 250,000 participating designers. Many of these participating designers are based in finance the Philippines, which was just ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan. Now the team at 99designs has turned to Indiegogo in an effort to crowdfund relief aid, and they are pledging to match contributions up to $25,000. Our mission is to connect the world with great graphic designers. Earlier this year, our staff had the opportunity to travel to Manilla and Davao City to meet with some of our talented design community in the Philippines, 99designs CEO Patrick Llewellyn told Crowdfund insider.We were inspired by their stories and humbled to call them part of our 99designs family, so when we heard about Typhoon Haiyan, we knew we had to act. The campaign has raised $15,000 in very short order and seems well on its way to raising a total of $25,000 by the time the campaign ends on December 12.

2013-11-14-crowdfunding.jpg Lesson 2: Adopt Active Learning and Creativity Principles. As online crowdfunding becomes more all-pervasive, the ability to obtain, assimilate and apply the right knowledge effectively is a key skill to possess. The likelihood of success is not solely determined by qualifications we may have gained in the past, but is by and large tied to a capacity to learn and adapt. Understanding there is a whole range of learning styles and factors that help or hinder the learning process, the point here is to underscore the importance of learning to run a crowdfunding campaign, before actually launching a campaign. And with the availability of an inordinate number of online tools, webinars, trainings, tip sheets and in person offerings, there is no real barrier to learning, save perhaps some intrinsic factors -- such as an individual's motivation, perception of the rewards associated with this learning activity, or perceived time constraints.

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